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“I’m wonderful. How are you?”

Absolutely brilliant, thank you for asking," He mused softly, twiddling his thumbs,"I'll be quite blunt here, I am far from the social butterfly and have no idea what to say in these kinds of situations. Normally I'd argue with Douglas over something at this point, sometimes that keeps both him and myself entertained.

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Jefferson shook his head with a small laugh, this man and his ramblings were quite humorous to him. “Well then Captain, sounds like you’re stuck here. Would you like me to show you to an inn or something for the night? It’s going to be sundown soon.” He grinned, fixing the scarf that was around his neck.

"That would be wond— Stuck here?" Martin’s eyes fluttered in remote confusion,"I am stuck…here? Oh no, no, no, that will not do; I hate to inform you so..informally but, I have a job I must get to and it will not help my already extremely low paycheck that I am gone in a completely different place. What is this area, anyway? An area in the United States? Oh, am I in Asia?” The captain’s face lit up in meager excitement. He had been to both places before but had not thoroughly explored them — even on the job. 

callme-martin started following you


She put a hand to her mouth, smiling. “Oh, gosh… You’re ten different kinds of adorable, aren’t you? Time can get tricky, I know.” She grinned and extended a hand for him to shake. “Martin is a nice name too, you know.”

Martin’s eyes shifted, his face flushed the brightest red and his mind screamed ‘Abort mission! Abort mission!' Soft squeaks replaced his attempted words, honestly, the captain had no idea what to say. Compliments were nothing he was greeted with on a daily basis — unless you counted out Author since he complimented everyone he met. His days consisted of sitting, being insulted even in a joking manner, and arguing with his First-Officer. “Th—anlkb you.. I-I mean thank you. I think," He croaked weakly, starring down at his shoes and staying completely oblivious to her gesture of greeting. 

Alright, I am here! Now who was first? 


Goodbye, and thank you for flying MJN Air.